Tuong Quang Buddhist Monastery Proposed Community Learning Centre and Monastery

SLIC is providing academic management to the  Tuong Quang Buddhist MonasteryCommunity Learning Centre and Monastery with the assistance of various schools and programs at Griffith University

The Vision for the New Community Learning
Centre and Monastery can be summarised as follows:

 All are welcome

The Gates are always open (The facilities will always be open to the

Everything will be done to ensure the Monastery is a place of
vibrancy and life (Programs that offer support for those in need will always be

A range of spiritually related services will be offered

 A community garden will be an important part of building the
community and teaching

The meditation garden, library and accommodation for spiritual
retreats and respite will be available

The Community Learning Centre and Monastery will be a special place
for contemplation, learning, and worship and will be set in a ‘green’

The buildings and facilities will be designed and constructed in a
way that does not disturb the natural environment and is complimentary and
meets the requirements of Fung Shui.

Tuong Quang Buddhist Monastery Project Overview Paper