Flinders by Pacific International Development Corporation

The creation of Flinders by Pacific  International Development Corporation is an opportunity to create an  integrated township: a unique destination attracting international and  domestic visitors, providing diverse employment opportunities and stimulating  the Queensland economy. Flinders will be a global town that nurtures a happy  community, sustains a healthy environment and celebrates its natural setting  and heritage.


3919 HECTARES OF LAND, HOME TO 40,000 PEOPLE (20,000 within Precinct One) Living in walkable neighbourhoods, villages and hamlets, 50% OPEN SPACE

2000 hectares, or more than half of the site will be dedicated to passive & active recreational zones and natural areas, 19,000 JOBS Related to Agriculture, Tourism, Construction, Education, Retail & Commercial +28,000 JOBS, INCREASED HEALTH AND WELL-BEING Engaged and educated community, active lifestyles, access to locally produced food and services, EDUCATION & RESEARCH Flinders will provide for new schools, education & research facilities, COMMUNITY FOUNDATION Programs to celebrate the local history

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