The Sustainable Living Infrastructure Consortium (SLIC) is a not for profit knowledge hub supporting the provision of “Sustainable Living Choices”.

The Sustainable Living Infrastructure Consortium comprises linkages from across the Sustainable Living Choices delivery and management sectors, both nationally (Australia) and internationally.

The linkages of the Sustainable Living Infrastructure Consortium include but are not restricted too:

  • Universities,
  • All levels of government,
  • Community housing Associations,
  • Peak and professional bodies associated with SLIC vision delivery
  • Research organisations
  • Finance and investment organisations
  • Housing development companies
  • Consultant organisations associated with SLIC vision delivery
  • Individuals


The Sustainable Living Infrastructure Consortium is a free open  (no cost) association which continually looks for new linkages to enhance the vision to be a leader in the facilitation of “Sustainable Living Choices”.

Benefits to linkages of the “Sustainable Living Infrastructure Consortium” (SLIC) is  the connectivity with national and international, organisations and individuals committed to facilitation the “on the ground” delivery and management  of “equitable and sustainable living environments”.

Linkages help deliver the SLIC vision by active participation in a knowledge platform which enables consortia partners to openly contribute to the body of knowledge leading to “Pathways, Policy & Place” via third party high quality independent research and review provided by the whole SLIC consortia community both nationally (Australia) & Internationally.


Those interested in becoming a linkage of SLIC can should contact Doctor George Earl on the following email: