The Sustainable Living Infrastructure Consortium (SLIC) currently has a project, research and innovation program covering a wide sustainable living agenda. The following are the initiatives which are currently being undertaken. Full documentation and linkages of these initiatives can be found on this website in the “Projects, Research & Innovation” area.

  1. SLIC/NAHC/ Griffith University and the Reserve Bank Fiji: Housing supply, standards and affordability
  2. Housing affordability through green project principles using a “Dynamic Systems Approach” (NAHC/SLIC/GU Sponsored PhD)
  3. Build to Rent Economics and Finance Incorporating a “Whole of Life Affordability Model” (NAHC/SLIC/GU Sponsored PhD)
  4. Institutional Investment in Low Income Housing: International experiences and the transferability to Australia (NAHC/SLIC/GU sponsored PhD)
  5. Low Income Housing as Infrastructure (NAHC/SLIC/GU Sponsored PhD)
  6. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence: New tools in Analyzing Housing Affordability (NAHC/SLIC/GU Sponsored PhD)