Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision

To provide leadership in the facilitation of “Sustainable Living Infrastructure” (SLIC), by forming a national and international consortium of organizations and individuals with a passion for the “on the ground” delivery of “equitable and sustainable living environments”.

The vision of the Sustainable Living Infrastructure Consortium is facilitated by providing broad based partnerships linking individuals, business organisations, government and universities to deliver the core vision of SLIC, via the 4P’s 

4 P’s and Consortia Membership

 The integration of the 4P’s process in fulfilling the vision of SLIC is only possible via a vibrant cohesive collaboration of consortia partners. This collaboration is enhanced by the active participation by partners in activities such as:

  • Meeting (physically and via SLIC website) to develop active research and project delivery. Working together (locally, nationally and internationally).
  • The preparedness to share information
  • Understanding that a cohesive vision can benefit the whole community and is greater than the individual
  • National and international collaboration is imperative to success.

SLIC Partners comprise:

  • Governments at all levels
  • Financiers & corporate/institutional investors
  • University and private sectors research organisations
  • Not for profit & for profit housing providers
  • Housing & infrastructure delivery providers
  • Peer & professional associations
  • Professional organisations & individuals 

SLIC initiated Pathways are obtained via activities such as:

  • Active partnership collaboration
  • Research/project identification & participation

Using the benefits of active partnership and research collaboration SLIC aims to develop policy both at a legislative & organisational  level to advance the “on the ground” delivery of “equitable and sustainable living environments”  


Using all the above process SLIC and its partnerships aims to the facilitate on the on the ground” delivery of “equitable and sustainable living environments”  by the creation of an "integrated hub"

The creation of an integrated hub of partners leading to the 4P's
(Partnerships, Pathways, Policy and Place).



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