Current Projects, Research and Innovation

Current Projects, Research and Innovation

The Sustainable Living Infrastructure Consortium (SLIC) currently has a project, research and innovation program covering a wide sustainable living agenda. The following are the initiatives which are currently being undertaken. Full documentation and linkages of these initiatives can be found on this website in the “Projects, Research & Innovation” area

Education Platform

To align with the “Buy Assist (shared equity home ownership) initiative being launched by NAHC a “Financial Education Project” is being trialled with potential “shared equity” participants. The program being developed and trialled aims to address training associated with the migration form rental tenure to home ownership tenure. Based on the trial and subsequent research evaluation it is hoped that a national approach by financial and government entities will see the benefits of such a program. This work is being undertaken by SLIC and its academic association with Griffith University Business School.

City Deals/Affordable Housing Policy Enabler Project

This project reviews, what are the appropriate housing affordability measures to be used by government in the application of “Build to Rent” initiatives to attract the necessary involvement of Investment, finance, development and community sectors, additionally identify what risk safeguards are necessary by the various sectors. Finally the project reviews the outcomes against two case studies (Brisbane and Melbourne).

Isaac Regional Council Study

In November, following ISSAC council members attending one of the CEO’s lectures on Housing, sponsored a 2 day visit to conduct a local workshop on housing affordability in the Central Queensland Region. This visit has resulted in a recent SLIC commission to undertake a housing scan of the Isaac Regional Council options on possible housing affordability delivery.

Study of NRAS Tenant Aspirations

SLIC/NAHC and final year University of Queensland “Social Science” students are undertaking a final year capstone project to evaluate “Housing Pathways and Futures NRAS Tenants Aspirations” using NAHC and NRAS tenant databases.

SLIC/NAHC and Griffith University Research Symposium: Theme- "Build to Rent"

SLIC/NAHC and Griffith University are hosting a research Symposium on the 9th of November 2018 at the Mercure Pullman Hotel, Brisbane with a focus on “Build to Rent”, with the support of the Department of Housing and Public Works, Queensland.

SLIC/NAHC/ Griffith University and Lincoln Institute, Peking University Research

SLIC/NAHC/Griffith University and the Lincoln Institute, Peking University held a workshop in June 2018 at Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus. Following the workshop work in currently underway, establishing housing affordability research linkages.

SLIC/NAHC/ Griffith University and the Reserve Bank Fiji

SLIC/NAHC and Griffith University in conjunction with the Reserve Bank, Fiji and various government departments/peak bodies conducted a workshop in Suva, Fiji during the Week 18th- 22nd June 2018 in focusing on affordable housing pathways, and this has resulted in a possible major housing affordability, supply and housing career research project involving Fiji, PNG and a number of the South Pacific island’s. It is expected that this project will commence early 2019

“Build to Rent” Community Sector - Planning and Building Standards

SLIC/NAHC/Griffith University and various external professional and peak bodies are working towards establishing an Australian “Build to Rent” community sector planning and building standards manual, this document will acknowledge existing Australia, USA, UK and various other international bodies of Knowledge

Build to Rent Project Gold Coast

SLIC/NAHC and Griffith University are working with a major international sovereign fund and external research organisations, providing research to help guide a proposed major Build to Rent Project on the Gold Coast


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